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On the upper right side of GPRSHOP.NL you will find the function “Search”. Here you can fill in any word you want to search for. If your (quick) search has no results, you will be forwarded to our advance search function. This function allows you to search with any word within specified categories or fields or for example within a price range.

Place an order
Ordering at GPRSHOP.NL requires a few, simple steps.
Step 1
You can add any product to your cart after which you choose “Continue shopping” or “Checkout”.

Step 2
After “Checkout” you will find a summary of the products in your cart. On this page you will find all the details regarding your order. Please check this information carefully and modify if necessary. On this page you are also asked to choose your payment method.
If you want to change the number of products (for example reduce from 5 to 4 items), please change the number. If you want to add more products, just go to a product in the shop and add this product to your cart.
If all the details are correct, please read our “Terms and Conditions” and our “Privacy Statement” and confirm your order by clicking “Submit order”

Step 3
You have placed your order and an order confirmation will be displayed on your screen and a confirmation will be sent to you separately by e-mail. As soon as your products have been shipped from our warehouse in The Netherlands (the next Dutch working day after you have placed your order), you will receive a notification by e-mail.

Cancel an order
If you want to cancel an order or cancel products from your order which has not been shipped yet, please send us an e-mail with reference of your order number. To send us an e-mail, please click here. If you receive your product(s) despite your cancellation, you are allowed to return your product(s). Please read our Returns Policy first to find out more about returning products.

Your account
To order via GPRSHOP.NL you will need an account. In this account you provide us with your personal details, shipping address, billing address and so on. The access to your account is protected with a password which has been chosen by you. Please see our Privacy Statement to get more information about the data we collected.